don’t tread on me


During a residency at Elsewhere Collaborative in Greensboro, North Carolina, I worked primarily with the Gadsden Flag, also known as the “don’t tread on me” flag. This banner originated in the Carolinas during the American Revolution, and has gained some attention lately as the flag of the “tea-party.” I found the flag for sale across the street at a military surplus and general store called “Coe’s.”

I was talking with the shop owner Bill about the flags who stated, “only problem is they’re made in China!” So, I offered to make some in America if he would sell them in his shop… to which he replied, “hell yeah.”

Theflagsarescreen-printedinthreelayers,andhandsewnwithadesigncopiedexactlyfromtheChineseversion. Once completed, Bill put the flag on display alongside the Chinese one, so that shoppers could take their pick, $6 for the Chinese made, or $20 for the American made. This made for quite an intimidating display out front…

Don’t tread on this store!

dont_tread_on_me_4 dont_tread_on_me_3 dont_tread_on_me_2